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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century


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1966 Petaja, Emil. Saga of lost Earths
1968 Harness, Charles L. The Ring of Ritornel
1977 Chalker, Jack L. Midnight at the Well of Souls
1978 Chalker, Jack L. Exiles at the Well of Souls
1978 Chalker, Jack L. Quest for the Well of Souls
1979 Bischoff, David. Nightworld
1980 Chalker, Jack L. The Return of Nathan Brazil
1980 Farmer, Philip José. The Magic Labyrinth
1981 Anthony, Pierce. Mute
1982 Watt-Evans, Lawrence. The Cyborg and the Sorcerers
1985 Chalker, Jack L. Vengeance of the Dancing Gods
1985 Zelazny, Roger. Trumps of Doom
1986 Greeley, Andrew M. God Game
1989 Cook, Rick. Wizard's Bane
1989 Cook, Rick. The Wizardry Compiled
1991 Cook, Rick. The Wizardry Cursed
1993 Anthony, Pierce. Kilobyte
1995 Cook, Rick. The Wizardry Consulted
1995 McKiernan, Dennis L. Caverns of Socrates
1996 Cook, Rick. The Wizardry Quested

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