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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century


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1956 Brebner, Winston. Doubting Thomas
1958 Hadley, Arthur T. The Joy Wagon
1962 Burdick, Eugene; Wheeler, Harvey. Fail-Safe
1963 Epernay, Mark. The McLandress Dimension
1964 Burdick, Eugene. The 480
1967 Bourne, John. Computer takes all
1969 Crichton, Michael. The Andromeda Strain
1969 Westlake, Donald E. Who stole Sassi Manoon?
1970 Levin, Ira. This perfect Day
1972 Crichton, Michael. The Terminal Man
1972 Franklin, Stephen. Knowledge Park
1973 Bartram, George. Fair Game
1973 Willer, Jim. Paramind
1979 Smith, Paul. The Saxonbury Printout
1984 Breton, Thierry; Beneich, Denis. Softwar
1987 Prantera, Amanda. Conversations with Lord Byron
1988 Sinclair, Andrew. King Ludd
1990 Tzonis, Alexander. Hermes and the Golden Thinking Machine
1991 Gage, Elizabeth. The Master Stroke
1991 Menick, Jim. Lingo
1991 Potts, Charles. Loading Las Vegas
1993 French, Scott. Just this once
1993 James, Peter. Host
1993 Crichton, Michael. Disclosure
1993 Ehrenreich, Barbara. Kipper's Game
1993 Kemske, Floyd. The Virtual Boss
1993 Thomas, sue. Correspondence
1993 Ajmera, Paresh P. Talking Computer
1994 Bury, Stephen. Interface
1994 Hyman, Tom. Jupiter's Daughter
1994 Huber, Peter. Orwell's Revenge
1994 Lawrence, Milo. The Next dominant Species
1995 Cornwell, Patricia. From Potter's Field
1995 Mccarthy, Nan. Chat
1996 Mccarthy, Nan. Connect
1996 Sullivan, Caitlin; Bornstein, Kate. Nearly Roadkill
1996 Wilson, Paul F.; Costello, Matthew J. Mirage
1996 Fletcher, Stephanie D. E-Mail: A Love Story
1996 Bantock, Nick. The Venetian's Wife
1997 Baer, Martha. (As Francesca)
1997 Bronson, Po. The First $20 Million is Always the Hardest
1997 Oudot, Susan. Virtual Love
1998 Mccarthy, Nan. Crash
1998 Fabi, Mark. Wyrm
1998 Kirchner, Bharti. Shiva Dancing
1998 Casti, John L. The Cambridge Quintet
1998 Ferguson, Jon. Farley's Jewel
1998 Chippendale, Peter. Laptop of the Gods
1999 Sinha, Indra. The Cybergypsies
1999 Hutsko, Joe. The Deal
2000 Chumley, Alec. "Just Call Me Stanley"
2000 Reed, Kit. @expectations
2000 Crumey, Andrew. Mr. Mee
2000 Preston, Caroline. Lucy Crocker 2.0

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