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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century


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1951 Rayer, F.G. Tomorrow Sometimes Comes
1952 Wolfe, Bernard. Limbo
1953 Clarke, Arthur C. Childhood's End
1953 Clarke, Arthur C. Against the Fall of Night
1954 Clifton, Mark; Riley, Frank. They'd Rather be Right
1954 Crossen, Kendell Foster. Year of Consent
1955 Anderson, Poul. No World of Their Own
1955 Brackett, Leigh. The Long Tomorrow
1955 Capon, Paul. Phobos, the Robot Planet
1956 Clarke, Arthur C. The City and the Stars
1956 Maclaren, Bernard. Day of Misjudgment
1956 Tubb, E.C. The Space Born
1957 Pohl, Frederick. Slave Ship
1958 Leiber, Fritz. The Silver Eggheads
1958 Tubb, E.C. The Mechanical Monarch
1959 Appel, Benjamin. The Funhouse

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