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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century


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1980 Berlyn, Michael. The Integrated Man
1980 Pohl, Frederik. Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
1980 Tevis, Walter. Mockingbird
1980 Walker, Paul. Who Killed Utopia
1980 Watkins, William Jon. What Rough Beast
1981 Dick, Philip K. Valis
1981 Effinger, George Alec. The Wolves of Memory
1981 Goulart, Ron. The Cyborg King
1981 Lem, Stanislaw. Golem XIV
1981 Saberhagen, Fred. Octagon
1981 Simak, Clifford D. Project Pope
1981 Vinge, Vernor. True Names
1982 Broderick, Damien. The Judas Mandala
1982 Clarke, Arthur C. 2010: Odyssey Two
1982 Harness, Charles L. The Venetian Court
1982 Murphy, Pat. The Shadow Hunter
1982 Saberhagen, Fred; Zelazny, Roger. Coils
1982 Roszak, Theodore. Bugs. A Novel of Terror in the Computer Age
1983 O'Donnell, Kevin, Jr. Ora:cle
1983 Van Vogt, A.E. Computerworld
1983 Westall, Robert. Futuretrack Five
1984 Delaney, Joseph H.; Stiegler, Marc. Valentina. Soul in Sapphire
1984 Dickson, Gordon R. The Final Encyclopedia
1985 Bear, Greg. Blood Music
1985 Hansen, Karl. Dream Games
1985 Laidlaw, Marc. Dad's Nuke
1985 Le Guin, Ursula K. Always Coming Home
1985 McQuay, Mike. Lifekeeper
1985 Milán, Victor. The Cybernetic Samurai
1986 Benford, Gregory; Brin, David. Heart of the Comet
1986 Card, Orson Scott. Speaker for the Dead
1986 Jones, Gwyneth. Escape Plans
1986 Lem, Stanislaw. Fiasko
1987 Banks, Iain M. Consider Phlebas
1987 Benford, Gregory. Great Sky River
1987 Clarke, Artur C. 2061: Odyssey Three
1987 Effinger, George Alec. When Gravity Fails
1987 Leiber, Justin. Beyond Humanity
1987 Lem, Stanislaw. Pokój na Ziemi
1987 Niven, Larry. The Smoke Ring
1987 Spinrad, Norman. Little Heroes
1987 Williams, Walter Jon. Voice of the Whirlwind
1988 Banks, Iain M. The Player of Games
1988 Cherryh, C.J. Cyteen
1988 Laidlaw, Marc. Neon Lotus
1988 Moran, Daniel Keys. The Armageddon Blues
1988 Stamey, Sara. Win, Lose, Draw
1988 Quick, W.T. Dreams of Flesh and Sand
1989 Anderson, Poul. The Boat of a Million Years
1989 Bova, Ben. Cyberbooks
1989 Jennings, Philip C. The Bug Life Chronicles
1989 Simmons, Dan. Hyperion

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