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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Asimov, Isaac. Greenberg, Martin H. Waugh, Charles G. (eds.) Computer Crimes and Capers.

Introduction - Crime Up to Date Isaac Asimov
Darl I Luv U Joseph N. Gores EQMM Feb ’63
An End of Spinach Stan Dryer F&SF Jul ’81
Computers Don’t Argue Gordon R. Dickson Analog Sep ’65
Goldbrick Edward Wellen F&SF Nov ’78
Computer Cops Edward D. Hoch Crime Prevention in the 30th Century, Walker, 1969
Sam Hall Poul Anderson Astounding Aug ’53
Spanner in the Works J. T. McIntosh Analog Mar ’63
While-You-Wait Edward Wellen F&SF Jan ’79
Getting Across Robert Silverberg Future City, ed. Roger Elwood, Trident, 1973
All the Troubles of the World Isaac Asimov Super Science Fiction Apr ’58

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