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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Asimov, Isaac; Warrick, Patricia S.; Greenberg, Martin H.(eds.) Machines that think. The best Science Fiction stories about robots & computers.

Introduction: Robots, Computers, and Fear Isaac Asimov
Moxon’s Master Ambrose Bierce San Francisco Examiner Apr 16, 1899
The Lost Machine John Wyndham Amazing Apr ’32
Rex Harl Vincent Astounding Jun ’34
Robbie [“Strange Playfellow”] Isaac Asimov Super Science Stories Sep ’40
Farewell to the Master Harry Bates Astounding Oct ’40
Robot’s Return Robert Moore Williams Astounding Sep ’38
Though Dreamers Die Lester del Rey Astounding Feb ’44
Fulfillment A. E. van Vogt New Tales of Space and Time, Holt, 1951
Runaround Isaac Asimov Astounding Mar ’42
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Harlan Ellison If Mar ’67
The Evitable Conflict Isaac Asimov Astounding Jun ’50
A Logic Named Joe Murray Leinster Astounding Mar ’46
Sam Hall Poul Anderson Astounding Aug ’53
I Made You Walter M. Miller, Jr. Astounding Mar ’54
Triggerman J. F. Bone Astounding Dec ’58
War with the Robots Harry Harrison Science Fiction Adventures (UK) #27 ’62
Evidence Isaac Asimov Astounding Sep ’46
2066: Election Day Michael Shaara Astounding Dec ’56
If There Were No Benny Cemoli Philip K. Dick Galaxy Dec ’63
The Monkey Wrench Gordon R. Dickson Astounding Aug ’51
Dial “F” for Frankenstein Arthur C. Clarke Playboy Jan ’65
The Macauley Circuit Robert Silverberg Fantastic Universe Aug ’56
Judas John Brunner Dangerous Visions, Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1967
Answer Fredric Brown Angels and Spaceships, Dutton, 1954
The Electric Ant Philip K. Dick F&SF Oct ’69
The Bicentennial Man Isaac Asimov Stellar #2, Ballantine, 1976
Long Shot Vernor Vinge Analog Aug ’72
Alien Stones Gene Wolfe Orbit 11, G.P. Putnam’s, 1972
Starcrossed George Zebrowski Eros in Orbit, Trident, 1973

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