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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Barrett, David V. (ed.) Digital Dreams

All stories are originals

Introduction by David V. Barrett
Bronze Casket for a Mummified Shrew-Mouse by Garry Kilworth
Digital Cats Come Out Tonight by Ben Jeapes
What Happened at Cambridge IV [Blit] by David Langford
The World of the Silver Writer by Anne Gay
Forgotten Milestones in Computing No. 7: The Quenderghast Bullian Algebraic Calculator by Alex Stewart
# ifdefDEBUG + “world/enough” + “time” by Terry Pratchett
The Great Brain Legend by Josephine Saxton
The Reconstruction of Mingus by Phil Manchester
Twister of Words by Michael Fearn
The Mechanical Art by Andy Sawyer
Last Came Assimilation by Storm Constantine by
Virus by Neil Gaiman by
Measured Perspective by Keith Roberts
Where He Went by Paul Kincaid
The Coleridge Bombers by Paul Beardsley
Dependant by David V. Barrett
Nad and Dan adn Quaffy by Diana Wynne Jones
The Machine It Was That Cried by John Grant
The Lord of the Files by Ray Girvan & Steve Jones
Speaking in Tongues by Ian McDonald

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