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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Conklin, Groff. (ed.) Science-Fiction Thinking Machines.

Introduction Groff Conklin
Part one: Robots
Automata: I S. Fowler Wright Weird Tales Sep ’29
Moxon’s Master Ambrose Bierce San Francisco Examiner Apr 16, 1899
Robbie Isaac Asimov Super Science Stories Sep ’40
The Scarab Raymond Z. Gallun Astounding Aug ’36
The Mechanical Bride Fritz Leiber
Virtuoso Herbert Goldstone F&SF Feb ’53
Automata: II S. Fowler Wright Weird Tales Sep ’29
Boomerang Eric Frank Russell Fantastic Universe Aug/Sep ’53
The Jester William Tenn Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug ’51
R.U.R. Karel Capek
Skirmish Clifford D. Simak Amazing Dec ’50
Soldier Boy Michael Shaara Galaxy Jul ’53
Automata: III S. Fowler Wright Weird Tales Sep ’29
Men Are Different Alan Bloch
Part two: Androids
Letter to Ellen Chandler Davis Astounding Jun ’47
Sculptors of Life Wallace West Astounding Dec ’39
The Golden Egg Theodore Sturgeon Unknown Aug ’41
Dead End Wallace Macfarlane Galaxy Jan ’52
Part three: Computers
Answer Hal Clement Astounding Apr ’47
Sam Hall Poul Anderson Astounding Aug ’53
Dumb Waiter Walter M. Miller, Jr. Astounding Apr ’52
Problem for Emmy Robert Sherman Townes Startling Stories Jun ’52

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