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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Forrest, Iris. (ed.) Computer tales of Fact & Fantasy. (or how we learned to stop worrying and love the computer)

Windows I Sing The Writer Electric Electronic Filing The Bite of the Apple that Changed My World The Cactus Computer Programed to Kill Diary of a Computer-Mad Housewife The Test Grammer 4 U Teaches Proper Englitch The End to Computer Upgrades The DDLETTS File Deadly Dreamer Roadside Repairs Computer Mania Sunflower Life With Oscar The Human Element Computers Like Everbody See Spot-See Spot Run Computer Literacy Journal of an Angry Computer Owner LapLink, Travelling Software-And A Step Beyond CL25A Monitor Magic Creative Programming User's Etchings The Big Silver Human College: A Technological Nightmare In 300 Words The Intelligent Rose When It Comes To Seduction Apple And Snakes Belong In The Garden The Monsters Wanted: Computer Buffs-Dead Or Alive Power Play Fly Me To The Moon How William Shakespeare Invented The Word Processor Long Walk Of A Short Peer Front Seat Drive Cats & Dogs The Tell-Tale Cursor Who Could Be More Crippled Than Marcus? Compu-Match, A Dating Service Fantasy For The 90s My Computer Made Me An Addict Benny And Uncle Doc Gold And Locks And The Three Wares The @#$%^&* Computer Keys Ms Dos And The Eunuchs Epilogue

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