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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Jacobson, Karie. (ed.) Simulations. 15 tales of Virtual Reality

Introduction Karie Jacobson
The Veldt Ray Bradbury The Saturday Evening Post Sep 23 ’50
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank John Varley Galaxy May ’76
Walking the Moons Jonathan Lethem New Pathways Nov ’90
Virtual Reality Michael Kandel
Dogfight Michael Swanwick & William Gibson Omni Jul ’85
The Shining Dream Road Out M. Shayne Bell
The Total Perspective Vortex Douglas Adams London: Pan, 1980
Plug-in Yosemite Marc Laidlaw Donald I. Fine, 1985
This Life and Later Ones George Zebrowski Analog Feb ’87
Steelcollar Worker Vonda McIntyre Analog Nov ’92
I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon Philip K. Dick Playboy Dec ’80
From Here to Eternitape Daniel Pearlman
Pretty Boy Crossover Pat Cadigan IASFM Jan ’86
A Guide to Virtual Death J. G. Ballard Interzone Feb ’92
The Happy Man Gerald Page Analog Mar ’63

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