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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Jakubowski, Maxim. (ed.) The New English Library book of Internet Stories

All stories are originals

Introduction: Imagination Dot Com by Maxim Jakubowski by Matt Whyman
It Came In a Box by Stella Duffy
Network Network by James Flint
Muriel the Magnificent by Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Butt Hutt by Matt Thorne
The Proxy by Paul J. McAuley
When Larry met Allie by Val McDermid by Stewart Home
Is There Anybody There? by Kim Newman
The Beacon by Christopher Fowler
Black Triangle by Steve Aylett
Rachel, Queen of the Wild Wide Web by Maxim Jakubowski
Cigarillo Man by Nicholas Blincoe
Icy You...Juicy Me by Pat Cadigan
Only Connect by Lauren Henderson
When Thought-Mail Failed by Ian Watson
feMail by Manda Scott
Pushing the Envelope by Jonny Lewis
An End to Hunger by China Miéville
On the Etiquette of Eye-Contact during Oral Sex by Toby Litt
Shopping by Chris Manby
The Last Minute.Com by Denise Danks
Mikey’s Virtual Million by John Williams

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