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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Scortia, Thomas N.; Zebrowski, George. (eds.) Human-Machines. An anthology of stories about cyborgs

¤  wikipedia Introduction: “Unholy Marriage”: The Cyborg in Science Fiction Thomas N. Scortia & George Zebrowski
Men of Iron Guy Endore F&SF Fll ’49
I’m with You in Rockland Jack M. Dann Strange Bedfellows, Random, 1972
Masks Damon Knight Playboy Jul ’68
Fortitude Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Playboy Sep ’68
No Woman Born C. L. Moore Astounding Dec ’44
Camouflage Henry Kuttner Astounding Sep ’45
Crucifixus Etiam Walter M. Miller, Jr. Astounding Feb ’53
Period Piece J. J. Coupling Astounding Nov ’48
Solar Plexus James Blish Astonishing Stories Sep ’41
Sea Change Thomas N. Scortia Astounding Jun ’56
Starcrossed George Zebrowski Eros in Orbit, Trident, 1973

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