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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Sterling, Bruce. (ed.) Mirrorshades. The Cyberpunk Anthology

The Gernsback Continuum William Gibson Universe 11, Doubleday, 1981
Snake-Eyes Tom Maddox Omni Apr ’86
Rock On Pat Cadigan Light Years and Dark, Berkley, 1984
Tales of Houdini Rudy Rucker Elsewhere v1, Ace, 1981
400 Boys Marc Laidlaw Omni Nov ’83
Solstice James Patrick Kelly IASFM Jun ’85
Petra Greg Bear Omni Feb ’82
Till Human Voices Wake Us Lewis Shiner F&SF May ’84
Freezone John Shirley Eclipse, John Shirley, Bluejay, 1985
Stone Lives Paul Di Filippo F&SF Aug ’85
Red Star, Winter Orbit Bruce Sterling & William Gibson Omni Jul ’83
Mozart in Mirrorshades Bruce Sterling & Lewis Shiner Omni Sep ’85

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