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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

short story

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Key Stories
1879 Mitchell, Edward Page The Ablest Man in the World
1935 Campbell, John W. The Machine
1946 Leinster, Murray. A Logic named Joe
1950 Vonnegut, Kurt. Epicac
1953 Anderson, Poul. Sam Hall
1953 Clarke, Arthur C. The nine billion Names of God
1954 Brown, Fredric. Answer
1957 Boulle, Pierre. The Man who hated Machines
1958 Asimov, Isaac. All the Troubles in the World
1959 Fast, Howard. The Martian Shop
1965 Dickson, Gordon R. Computers don't argue
1966 Zelazny, Roger. For a Breath I Tarry
1967 Ellison, Harlan. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
1969 Zelazny, Roger. The Eve of RUMOKO
1978 Vinge, Joan D. Fireship
1982 Gibson, William. Burning Chrome


SF Collections
1954 Conklin, Groff. (ed.) Science-Fiction Thinking Machines
1983 Asimov, Isaac; Greenberg, Martin H.; Waugh, Charles G. (eds.) Computer Crimes and Capers
1983 Asimov, Isaac; Greenberg, Martin H.; Waugh, Charles G. (eds.) Those amazing electronic thinking Machines!
1984 Asimov, Isaac; Warrick, Patricia S.; Greenberg, Martin H. (eds.) Machines that think. The best Science Fiction stories about robots & computers.
1984 Monteleone, Thomas F. (ed.) Random Access Messages of the Computer Age
1986 Sterling, Bruce. (ed.) Mirrorshades. The Cyberpunk Anthology
1989 Silverberg, Robert. (ed.) Time Gate
1990 Barrett, David V. (ed.) Digital Dreams
1990 Silverberg, Robert. (ed.) Time Gate vol 2. Dangerous Interfaces
1993 Jacobson, Karie. (ed.) Simulations. 15 tales of Virtual Reality
1994 Dozois, Gardner.; Williams, Sheila. (eds.) Isaac Asimov's Cyberdreams
1996 Dann, Jack; Dozois, Gardner. (eds.) Hackers
1996 Greenberg, Martin H.; Segriff, Larry. (eds.) Future Net
1997 Alexander, Ric. (ed.) Cyber-killers
1998 Dann, Jack; Dozois, Gardner. (eds.) Nanotech

Other Collections
1977 Van Tassel, Dennie. (ed.) Computers, Computers, Computers. In Fiction and in Verse
1977 Mowshowitz, Abbe. (ed.) Inside Information. Computers in Fiction
1993 Forrest, Iris. (ed.) Computer tales of Fact & Fantasy. (or how we learned to stop worrying and love the computer)
1994 Forrest, Iris. (ed.) Computer Legends, Lies & Lore
2000 Jakubowski, Maxim. (ed.) The New English Library book of Internet Stories

Robots, androids, cyborgs
1975 Scortia, Thomas N.; Zebrowski, George. (eds.) Human-Machines. An anthology of stories about cyborgs

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