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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century


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Robocop Prime Directives

Pilot: The Future of Law Inforcement 1994 Directed by: Mario Azzopardi Timothy Bond; Scenario by: Edward Neumeier, Michael MinerDelta City prepares itself to be run by brain-computer interface, neurobrain. Dr Mallardo has developed the brain computer and says a city run by it is a utopia of ones and zeros. But unforunately he needs a brain for the project and the only means of getting one is illegal, by murder. Once neurobrain runs the city Mallardo takes over and starts killing. The brain used is that of a secretary and she comes to live as a ghost in the machine in the form of a hologram. She says to Mallardo that sehe will kill him, so Mallardo writes a computer virus that erases all non essential information, ie the sentient AI that she has become. She can travel to other places and is able to warn Robocop that Mallardo tries to erase her program. Robocop's memory has been swept, but the hologram can bring it back to him. Now it's up to Robocop to stop Mallardo.


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