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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century


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Camp, John. The Fool's Run

Henry Holth & Co, New York, 1989

Topics: computer crime, computer security, hacking, network
Themes: crime
Motifs: computer genius

computer security
"I'm disappointed, Kidd. We thought you'd be better than this. Let me tell you what we've done. We have the best people-the very best, better than you-watching every move that's made on those computers. It has been a major inconvenience, and it cost us a lot of money, but we'll get it back with the Sunfire contract. In any event, we know you're not in there. Just in case, we have backups of all our software, and all the daily work. We can shut down and sterilize our system in half an hour, and be back up with completely clean software. Everybody who does anything on the system is logged in and out, and the input is studied by the security crew. There isn't any way you can reach us. You just don't have the leverage for a deal." p 291

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