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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century


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Gresh, Lois H.; Weinberg, Robert. The Termination Node

Del Rey Books, New York, 1999

Topics: artificial intelligence, computer security, hacking, internet
Themes: crime
Motifs: evil hacker

evil hacker
She stared at the screen, her heart racing, half from excitement, half from fear. In all her years of hacking, she'd never encountered anyone this bold and this well hidden. There was no way to trace him, no way to stop him. p 8-9

artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence combined with genetic software--wherein an energy dip or a slight change in phase, even if it occurred randomly, could serve as an attractor, pulling bits in a seemingly chaotic direction. In standard artificial life programming, patterns would arise from the chaotic flow over time. The digital creatures would evolve, become more intelligent, adapt to their surroundings. The AI would analyze the patterns and set a new course: different frequency, different amplitude, different genetic recombinations that altered the meaning and direction of data. p 229

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