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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century


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Hoch, Edward D. The Fellowship of the Hand

Walker and Company, New York 1973

"When Earl Jazine of the twenty-first-century ' Computer Cops' is called on to investigate irregularities in the wiring of an election computer, he stumbles upon evidence that the machine has been used to record the results of an unknown election between candidates whose very existence seems doubtful". Hubin [1984 Crime Fiction, page 200].

Themes: conspiracy
Motifs: computer investigator

computer investigator
The Computer Investigation Bureau was located on the top floor of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. Taken over by the federal government some fifty years earlier, the twin-towered giant had long since ceased to be the world's tallest building-an honor it had held, actually, for only a few seasons. But for CIB purposes it was still the perfect headquarters, centrally located in the heart of the computerized business community, and with a flat roof for quick rocketcopter flights anywhere in the country. Best of all, it was far enough from the bureaucratic jungle of Washington to maintain some sort of independence p 8

"There exists in this country a well-financed conspiracy to overthrow the government of President McCurdy or his successor, and to replace it with a super-government run by computers." p 44
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