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Computers in Fiction
fictional computing in the 20th century

Popular Fictional Computers and AI's

  1. Hal
    from Stanley Kubrick's movie 2001 A Space Odyssey

  2. Neuromancer
    from William Gibson's novel Neuromancer

  3. Data
    from the television series Star Trek TNG

  4. KITT
    from the television series Knight Rider

  5. Skynet
    from James Cameron's movie The Terminator and it's sequels

  6. Agent Smith
    from the movie The Matrix and it's sequels

  7. The Doctor
    from the television series Star Trek Voyager

  8. Epicac
    from Kurt Vonnegut's story Epicac

  9. Deep Thought
    from Douglas Adams' radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  10. AM
    from Harlan Ellison's story I Have no Mouth and I must Scream

  11. Alpha 60
    from Jean-Luc Godard's movie Alphaville

  12. Mike
    from Robert Heinlein's novel The Moon is a harsh Mistress

  13. Multivac
    from Isaac Asimov's story All the Troubles in the World

  14. Colossus
    from D.F. Jones' novel Colossus and the movie The Forbin Project

  15. Max Headroom
    from the television series Max Headroom

  16. Holly
    from the television series Red Dwarf

  17. Vicky
    from the movie I, Robot

  18. The Batcomputer
    from the animated television series Batman

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